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Welcome to Nap Beauty Spa

Awaken Your Beauty Dreams into a Living Reality...

Located in the San Fernando Valley, we provide services to bring you a blissful experience and elevate your aura!

Let us help you create the dream version of you into a reality

Nap Beauty Spa, a place where your confidence gets boosted and your aesthetic dreams are achieved. Providing a wide range of services to enhance, augment, or reduce areas that may be less desirable or unwanted to you

Marble Surface


Lip Filler

Starting at $220

Bundle Package Options

Fat Dissolving

Starting at $280

Bundles Package Options

Teeth Whitening

Starting at $80

Bundle Package Options


Coming soon

Ready to see a new you or have any inquiries? 

Call 310.928.6212 or schedule online using the link below.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Payment plans are available during checkout when booking. If eligible, you will pay interest-free payments over the next 6 weeks while you receive any services. Only for services that are at least $100.

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